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Meeting & Events venue in Nusa Dua

Meeting Package

Meeting Package setup Sakala Ballroom
Dinner Setup Sakala Beach Club - Meeting Package Hotel

corporate Meeting package at the sakala resort bali

Located in the heart of Bali’s most luxurious beachfront destination, The Sakala Resort Bali offers perfect meeting package to ensure your event is as successful as it is memorable. With an iconic white-sand beach, spacious rooms overlooking the ocean or tropical gardens, and impeccable services, The Sakala Resort Bali with our corporate meeting package offer is undoubtedly the perfect venue for your next conference or event needs.

Designed with illustrious spaces fit for team building activities and various large outdoor events, choose between our beach or lush gardens as your event backdrop accompanied by our multitude of dining venues and sumptuous set menus or buffets. Let our specialized team members guide and take care of your planning every step of the way to ensure an unforgettable experience.

The Sakala Resort Bali is strategically located 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport and 10 minutes from ITDC Nusa Dua.

Half Day Meeting package

  • 4-hour usage of one (1) meeting room with setup of choice
  • Morning Coffee Break
  • Lunch at the Restaurant with choice of a 3-course set menu or buffet (min. 30 persons)
  • Complete meeting amenities

Full Day Meeting package

  • 8-hour usage of one (1) meeting room with setup of choice
  • Morning and afternoon Coffee Break
  • Lunch at the Restaurant with choice of a 3-course set menu or buffet (min. 30 persons)
  • Complete meeting amenities

Full Board Meeting package

  • 8-hour usage of one (1) meeting room with setup of choice
  • Morning and Afternoon Coffee Break
  • Lunch and Dinner at the Restaurant with choice of a 3-course set menu or buffet (min. 30 persons)
  • Complete meeting amenities

Meeting Venue

Roomarea (sqm)theatreclassroomu-shapecocktailbanquetdimension (m)ceiling (m)capacity (people)
Ballroom Master63063040015050040021 x 29.54150 – 650
Ballroom 1 & 214714054401009010.5 x 15440 – 140
Ballroom 3 & 494603624604010.5 x 8424 – 60
Ballroom 5 & 694603624604010.5 x 6424 – 60
Barong Room27101086 x 438 – 10
Kecak Room692015201011 x 6310 – 20

Roomarea (sqm)theatreclassroomu-shapecocktailbanquetdimesion (m)ceiling (m)capacity (people)
The Pavillion13812054351009019.5 x 9430 – 120
The Pavillion 1462012201813 x 9410 – 25
The Pavillion 29280362470485.5 x 9420 – 80
The Wedding Venue475040209 x 94.520 – 50

Why do we perfect fit for your corporate meeting package need?

We have 2(two) meeting venue and one that can cater to up 400 people. Or if you need smaller venue with perfect location by the beach, The Pavillion is best choice to cater your meeting event. Choose from half day, full day or full board meeting package.

Banquet Menu


Choose 2 Salty, 2 Sweet, and Coffee/Tea

Minimum 30 persons

IDR 150.000 ++/person

Martabak TelorKue Lumpur
Bakwan SayurDadar Gulung
Bakwan UdangKue Apem
Lumpia AyamPutu Ayu
PastelKoe Koe
Lemper AyamOnde-Onde
Semar MendemCantik Manis
Vegetable SamosaFruit Tartlet
BaladoChocolate Eclair
Chicken WingsMatcha/Coffee Roll Cake
BBQ Chiken TulipKlaapertart
Tahu IsiSerabi Solo
Chicken Spring RollBrownies
Vegetables Spring RollChocolate/Vanilla Croquant
Crab ClawStrawberry Financier
Beef Curry Puff


Minimum 30 persons

3 Selection IDR 250.000 ++/pax/hour
5 Selection IDR 350.000 ++/pax/hour
8 Selection IDR 450.000 ++/pax/hour
10 Selection IDR 550.000 ++/pax/hour

Quail Eggs Benedict Confit with Passion fruit HollandaiseTomato and Cheese bruchettaMini Cheese Cake
Poached Prawn Cucumber Wasabi MayoHot Wings ShooterTropical Fruit Kebab
Fish Ceviche spoon topped with TobikoTruffle Aranchini with Truffle MayonnaiseFruit Choux
Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Black TobikoMini Beef Sausage RollMini Strawberry Slab
Ratatouille SkewersGoong Sarong in spoonMini Tiramisu
Deviled Egg with Paprika DustMushroom Vol au VentOrange Tartlet
Avocado Sushi RollsGarlic Cheese BruschettaCinnamon Apple Fritters
Mini Quiche LorainesMini Bakwan UdangFruit Salad in cone
Tomato and Cheese BitesQuail Egg BakwanProtein Bar
Fish Tartare ‘Pico de Gallo’ in coneUpside Down Mini Beef BurgerRujak Serut Shooters
Upside Down Mini Chicken BurgerPineapple Rolls
Mini Chicken SliderChurros Shooters
Mini Cheese SlidersEnting-enting
Macarons (Vanilla & Chocolate Mint)



Let our chefs take you on a culinary journey through Southeast Asia-with some stops on the West along the way. Tastefully created with experience and using the freshest ingredients, choose from our two sumptuous menus


IDR 350.000 ++/person
Minimum 30 persons
Venue: The Restaurant or Sakala Beach Club
(Outdoor setting additional IDR 100.000 ++/person)

Potato and Leek Soup
Creamy potato and infused leeks with balsamic reduction and served with garlic bread

Grilled Chicken Ballantine
Grilled chicken leg stuffed with corn and herbs in BBQ sauce, served with mixed vegetables and lyonnaise potato


Grilled Sea Bass
Grilled sea bass with mango salsa and pasta aioli

Red Velvet Cake
Classic Waldorf red cake served with almond cream


IDR 455.000 ++/person
Minimum 30 persons
Venue: The Restaurant or Sakala Beach Club
(Outdoor setting additional IDR 100.000 ++/person)

Prawn Asiatique
Prawn cocktail salad with mango dressing

Barramundi Pappilote
Barramundi slow cooked in a pouch with a creamy tomato salsa, herbs, and served with risotto


Green Peas Soup
Creamy green peas soup with bits of bacon and served with garlic bread

Roast Beef
Roasted tenderloin beef spiced aromatic herbs, served with vegetable roots in an olive aioli

Lime Kalamansi
Classic Lemon Tart with lime curd and torched meringue topping



Especially created for bigger events and banquets, our selection of themed buffets offers a variety of different cuisines and choices that makes it easy for guests to reach for more according to their whims and desires. Choose from our vast selection of appetizers, main course, desserts, and all the way to our multitude of beverage options

Minimum 30 persons

IDR 450,000 ++/person
2 Appetizers, 1 Soup, 2 kinds of Accompaniments, 1 Vegetable, 2 kinds of Main Course (Fish/Chicken), 2 Desserts and Mixed Sliced Fruit, Infused Water and Iced Tea

IDR 550,000 ++/person
3 Appetizers (incl. salad bar), 1 Soup, 2 kinds of Accompaniments, 1 Vegetable, 3 kinds of Main Course, 3 Desserts and Mixed Sliced Fruit, Infused Water and Iced Tea

IDR 650,000 ++/person
3 Appetizers (incl. salad bar), 1 Soup, 2 kinds of Accompaniments, 1 Vegetable, 3 kinds of Main Course, 4 Desserts and Mixed Sliced Fruit, 1 Pasta Stall, Infused Water and Iced Tea

APPETIZERSVietnamese Chicken SaladNicoise Chicken saladRujak Buah
Thai Beef SaladShrimp Cocktail with mango dressingLawar Cumi
Squid and Prawn Salad with citrus dressingTomato Avocado SaladTrancam
Coconut and crisp Vegetable SaladGreek SaladSrombotan
Chickpea Salad with chili and lime dressingCaesar SaladGohu Papaya
Chicken Udon saladAntipastoJukut Bejek Kacang Panjang
Thai Vegetables SaladPotato SaladRujak Serut
Som Tam SaladGrilled Vegetable and Couscous SaladUrap Sayur
Chicken Vermicelli SaladTagine Salad with PestoKaredok
Green tortilla saladGado-Gado
Tropical fruit SaladAsinan Buah
Tahu Gejrot
SOUPChicken Corn SoupCreamy Corn SoupSoto Ayam Madura
Asparagus and Crab SoupPotato and Leek SoupSoto Medan
Hot and Sour SoupMushroom SoupSoup Asam-Asam Daging
Tomato Egg Drop SoupPumpkin Soup with Olive SalsaCoto Makassar
Tom Yum GoongGreen Peas and Bacon soupSoup Branebon
Tom Kha GaiPallu Marra
Miso and Tofu soupTekwan
Soto Bandung

Salad Bar: Iceberg Lettuce, Lolorosa Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Curly Lettuce, Frisee Lettuce, Kyuri, Red Onion, Green and Black Olives, Shredded Carrots, Capers, Potatoes, Capsicum, String Beans, Corn Kernel, Green Peas, Boiled Eggs

Dressings: Thousand Island, Cocktail, Tar-Tar, Honey Mustard


VegetablesPokchoy with MushroomBroccoli and Cauliflower au GratinOseng-Oseng Sayur
Stir-Fried Kailan with GarlicGlazed Mixed VegetablesTumis Buncis Jamur
Chinese Mixed Vegetales with Mushroom and TofuRoasted Vegetables with Basil PestoPlecing Kangkung
Work-Fried Broccoli with MushroomSauteed Mixed Vegetables with Olives and MushroomTumis Kapri dengan Tahu
Stir-fried String BeansRatatouilleTumis Buncis Ebi
Tomiau with Ginger and GarlicSpinach and Mushroom LasagnaTerong Balado
Wok-Fried Kailan with MushroomBroccoli with Garlic ButterTumis Kacang Panjang Tempe Jamur
Stir-Fried Pokchoy with Garlic and GingerGulai Daun Singkong
Tumis Bunga Papaya Ikan Teri
Chicken, DuckKung Pao ChickenRosemary Roasted ChickenAyam Woku
Black Pepper ChickenChicken with BBQ SauceAyam Gagape
Honey Garlic Chicken SrirachaChicken a la KingAyam Bakar Rica-Rica
Butter ChickenChicken ChasseurAyam Bakar Madu
Chicken AdoboChicken Coq au VinAyam Betutu
Wok-Fried Chicken GingerMarmalade Roast ChickenAyam Taliwang
Wok-Fried Chicken with Lemongrass and ChiliStuffed Chicken BallotineAyam Goreng Lengkuas
Spicy Thai Chicken with BasilChicken Cordon BleuAyam Bumbu Kecombrang
Teriyaki Chicken KatsuAfrican Jerk ChickenAyam Goreng Kremes
Penag Duck CurryAyam Bakar Bumbu Kuning
Bebek Betutu
Bebek Bakar Taliwang
Fish, SeafoodSweet and Sour FishPan-Fried Fish with Lemon Butter SauceIkan Rica-Rica
Crispy Deep-Fried Fish with Orange MayoSeafood CioppinoIkan Bakar Colo-Colo
Fish Stew with Tomato currySicilian Sweet and Source FishIkan Bakar Bumbu Genep
Seafood CurryFish en PapilloteIkan Bakar Dabu-Dabu
Crispy Prawn and Cuttlefish with Lemon MayoFish Picatta with Tomato Basil and CapersPecak Ikan
Steamed Fish with Soya GingerSalmon Fishcake with Creamed CornGulai Cumi
Wok-Fried Seafood with Miso Tamarind SauceCajun Calamari with Tar-Tar SauceCumi dan Udang Saus Padang
Crispy Thai Fried Fish with Spicy Mango SauceTumis Seafood Asam Pedas
Crispy Fried Fish with a Sweet and Spicy SauceTumis Cumi Sambal Ijo
Beef, Lamb, PorkBlack Pepper BeefBeef StroganoffDaging Rendang
Wok-Fried Beef in Oyster SauceRoast Beef with Rosemary SauceGulai Kambing
Cantonese Stir-Fried BeefRoasted Beef with Mushroom SauceKalio Daging
Beef and Long Bean CurryCottage PieOseng Daging Cabe Ijo
Beef TeriyakiBeef BourguinonTumis Daging Balado
Beef BulgogiBeef GoulashDaging Batokok Lado Mudo
Beef KalderetaBeef Stew CasseroleOseng-Oseng Daging Mercon
Sweet and Sour Pork BellyChili Corn CarneTongseng Kambing
Fried Pork Belly with Green OnionsGuinness Lamb StewSrundeng Daging Sapi
Massaman Lamb CurryLamb Stew with Fennel, Carrots, and PeasDaging Sapi Bumbu Bali
Lamb Rogan JoshPork Belly Colo-Colo
Lamb Tagine


RiceNoodles & PastaPotatoesFritters
Kampong Fried RiceKampong Fried NoodleRoasted Potato CaesarPerkedel Jagung
Butter RiceStir Fried Curry NoodleParmesan Potato WedgesOnion Pakora
Rice PilafWok Fried Udon Black PepperLeek-infused Mashed PotatoesBakwan Sayur
Vegetables Fried RiceMie Goreng AcehLyonnaise PotatoesSweet Corn and Kaffir Lime Fritters
Yellow Aromatic RiceHokkien NoodlesOven Roasted Sweet Balsamic PotatoesFried Tofu with Chili Vinegar Dressing
Vegetable PulaoHongkong-style Wok Fried Vegetable NoodlesAromatic Boiled PotatoesFalafel Fritters
Olives and Pesto PastaPotato au Gratin
Baked Pasta
Pasta il Pomodoro
Creamy Pasta with Capers


Oven-Roasted Chicken with vegetables
Roasted Peking Duck with honey glaze
Snapper with tomato sambal
Mustard and honey oven roasted leg of ham
Fried slow braised Balinese Pork Belly with lemongrass salsa
Herb-Crusted Striploin with butter sauce
Roasted leg of Lamb with rosemany and honey mustard
Steamed Fish with Asian herb and soy sauce
Pepper-Crusted Tenderloin of Beef


Mix Sliced Fruit
Chocolate/Vanilla/Fruit Croquant Choux
Fudge Brownie
Cappuccino Tiramisu
Strawberry Short Cake
Chocolate Eclairs
Red Velvet Cake
Matcha Roll Cake
Cheese Cake
Almond Cake
Fruit Tart
Jajanan Pasar



With the Indian Ocean as your backdrop, enjoy a lively barbeque poolside or right on the white sands of Tanjung Benoa Beach